Golf Instructors

Golf Instructors



 Frank A. Clark, Jr. PGA

Resident of Palm Beach County since 1972; second generation PGA professional, with over forty years of teaching and playing experience. VP of product development for video analysis software the SwingView Pro by Swing Technologies. Developed and defined the concept of perception, visual, and feel of the golf swing know as the “Visual Feel”. Design and developed Golf Fit Circuit Training: The Golf Fit program is designed helps all levels of player achieve and maintain their golfing potential through a systematic program working on specific movements, proper routine, positions and visual ques of the the five basic shots.

As a golf instructor I feel that visuals is extremely important to help students understand the proper positions in the golf swing. Which has lead to the development of one of the best selling video analysis systems in the golf industry, the SwingView Pro. The concept was to create an affordable, fun and user friendly program for both instructor and student. Currently SwingView Pro is leading the industry in video technology. We have several top 100 teacher using the Swing View Pro and is endorsed by Dr. Gary Wiren.

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